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$139 / Q
$499 / Yr
$499 / Q
$1899 / Yr
$800 / Q
$3300 / Yr
$1150 / Q
$4400 / Yr
$399 / Q
$1499 / Yr

Explorer Session (student) or Discovery Session (educator)
Discovery Session
Discovery Tactics Session
Discovery Leadership Session
Discovery Community Session


Free Webinars
Free Webinars
Free Webinars
Free Webinars
Free Webinars

Assigned eCampus advisor (student) or BA Architect (educator)
Assigned BA Architect
Assigned BA Architect
Matched with a Leadership Coach
BA Architect (nonprofit)

Up to 75% off eCampus Courses, certain courses free
Up to 35% off eCampus Courses, certain courses free
Up to 50% off eCampus Courses, certain courses free
Up to 50% off eCampus Courses, certain courses free
Up to 75% off eCampus Courses, certain courses free

BA ProPartner

People and organizations with established business (all phases) and entrepreneurs who need accurate, reliable, integrated resources and tools to build their enterprise. An entrepreneur’s street-wise space to learn, test ideas, innovate, network, engage in mutual business-and relationship-building, form trusted partnerships, and get the right information now:
  • Increased revenues
  • Competitive offerings /value-adds via leveraged services
  • Vetted, tested strategies & tactics
  • Independent sounding board that understands your situation
  • Resource convenience
  • Customer loyalty/sense of belonging

BA ProVendor

A vetted organization eCampus “Main Street” business
  • Status as “Preferred Vendor”
  • QA PPS semi-annual review
  • Promotion via ProVendor listing
  • Spotlights and free ads (limited)
  • SIGs/centers, at discount

BA ProElite

Established individuals/organizations/social entrepreneurs looking to develop high net worth opportunities. Examples: Buy/sell, start-up funding, M&A, exit strategies.
  • Business-To-Community SMARTstart
  • Dedicated BA Architect/Advisor
  • BA Mastermind Team
  • Business Allocated Incubator Development
  • Sponsorship/Ad placement
  • Proprietary eCampus Center / SIG
  • Significant course discounts

BA ProPrentice

Students and educators with proof of affiliation to a university or business school
  • Student course
  • Assigned academic liaison
  • Place to incubate ideas, partner with industry leads
  • Mentorship program
  • Academic credit through internship programs

BA Pro Volunteer

Individuals who want to learn how to volunteer or start, grow, and or lead a nonprofit organization.
  • Wish-Upon-a-Volunteer Center
  • Resources dedicated to working with Nonprofits
  • Course tracks to re-tune experience and skills for nonprofits

Key Benefits

Acquire the tools you need now to launch your business, accelerate change, take bold actions while mitigating risks, and improve yourself, your team, and your organization.
  • Experience a flexible, high-touch learning experience in an environment without age bias
  • Learn proven methods to drive market impact
  • Enjoy support while tackling your real-world challenges and
  • Address leadership and daily business challenges with course-learned knowledge
  • Expand your network and exchange ideas with peers via easy-to-use, integrated communication tools
  • Get personalized, actionable feedback from BA faculty, course facilitators, and peers to achieve business objectives
  • Gain exclusive access to the Business Authority thought leaders, guest speakers, and special events

Business Authority eCampus launch and acceleration solution

  • Learning center / topic libraries
  • Member directory
  • Intra-eCampus communications via:
    • RS Angel (video/text chat)
    • myMail (secure mail)
    • One-click Zoom
    • One-click Webex
  • Integrated convention center
  • Mastermind teams
  • BA classrooms, webinars & café
  • BA Store – for purchase and promotion of products / services
  • Age-bias free
  • Guidance from business architects / experts
  • Targeted, nuts-and-bolts curriculum
  • Business networking across domains with experienced entrepreneurs
  • Business service discounts
  • Funding preparation
  • Media training
  • PR / branding advice
  • Opportunities to advertise:
    • ProSource
    • Media
    • Newscrawler
    • Ads
    • Events
    • Sponsorships
    • SIGS

Business Authority is more than an online curriculum, it’s a community.

Collaborate with a diverse, experienced, and accomplished group of your peers. Join mastermind teams, SIGS, and cafes, to discover shared goals and interests. Join in valuable learning opportunities in your coursework and beyond. Together members learn and engage, to grow, accelerate, disrupt and create meaningful contributions to society.

Our eCampus will improve your entrepreneurial journey.

Business Authority guides entrepreneurs and customizes the right program to help you launch, accelerate or transform your business now.

Business Authority

Self-administer the BA SMARTstart Assessment

Business Authority

Learn from a personal report review with a skilled BA Business Architect. Discover the best courses, coaching, and mastermind teams for you.

Business Authority

Hone effective business strategies: Position (clear value proposition), Perspective (identify and communicate your mission and values), Patterns of Action (respond quickly to the competitive landscape).

Business Authority

Be introduced to like-minded entrepreneurs, complementary businesses, and grow your network for success.

  • Reduce wasted time and cost with improved decision-making
  • Get comprehensive launch plan review and checklist
  • Research your market to make the right packaging/ promotional decisions.
  • Hone your skills, product, and brand to mitigate risk
  • Set up your business documents and books to avoid pesky problems later
  • Create effective marketing messages
  • Increase your business support network and why it matters
  • Represent your business effectively
  • Increase customer base and retain existing customers
  • Use public relations and social media to grow your reach

Business Authority is a community of professionals — founders, entrepreneurs, executives, educators and coaches — working together and sharing knowledge to help entrepreneurs launch and accelerate solid businesses. Business Authority offers courses, webinars, and mastermind teams led by thought leaders with diverse business experience. Our goals center on: smart plans, wise decision-making, solid peripheral support, problem solving, expertise location, professional development, building professional awareness, and innovation.

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving
  • Time management
  • Critical thinking
  • Decision-making
  • Organizational management
  • Stress management
  • Adaptability
  • Conflict management
  • Leadership
  • Creativity
  • Resourcefulness
  • Persuasion
  • Openness to criticism
  • Accurate, vetted information / resources on demand
  • Age-bias free cohort of entrepreneurs invested in mutual success
  • Support from resident advisors / personal business sounding board
  • Networking, Teaming, and Partnership Opportunities
  • Community feedback on posting hub and forums
  • Relevant Skills and Knowledge
  • Personal Development & Fulfillment
  • Purpose guidance and development
  • Sense of Belonging, Trusted Community
  • Opportunities to contribute / pay it forward
  • Prioritized eCampus security and safety
  • Lasting friendships and business relationships