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About Us

Business Authority - Adding Opportunity with Every Connection

We provide the supportive 360° feet-on-the-street MBA-quality guidance to founders and entrepreneurs who need to launch their startups and grow mid-life companies into strong, scalable, and sustainable businesses.

We focus—though not exclusively—on founders and entrepreneurs who are age 50 and beyond. We also strongly encourage and support multi-generational collaboration and generational business hand-offs.

Business Authority 50+ is a secure, trusted, high-touch, network-expanding, collaborative business community—an incubator / accelerator of entrepreneurs and business models with a purpose.

We have a selective membership—with a difference. Our members possess a passion to learn, share, network, and collaborate—to help others succeed as they themselves succeed.

We’re all about the generation, cultivation, and sharing of ideas, products, and services through our uniquely robust social platform.

What You Get


We work with founders to prepare for and secure Funding Opportunities, from $250,000 to 250,000,000, through our funding partners.

Meet notable and diversely-talented ProAdvisors, successful business leaders, subject experts, funding opportunities and other business owners who know the value of networking.

Join our supportive peer-to-peer business community.