Business Authority

Our Story

Our Story

We’re in awe of all the incredibly talented people and organizations we meet who are focused on achieving their passions through entrepreneurship and innovation.

That’s especially true for 50+ founders. The fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in history, they’re solving problems that matter as they build success and create wealth.

Despite possessing strong business attributes and a fierce work ethic, entrepreneurs and their companies too often lack certain critical knowledge and experience. Those deficits ultimately sabotage the growth of successful and sustainable businesses.
We’ve seen firsthand success cut short because an entrepreneur lacked the right decision-making information to plan, to allocate people, resources, or technology, or to foresee serious risk. Most often, these painful failures could have been avoided, if founders had the right knowledge and right team behind them.

Business Authority experts know Boomers. We’re boomers, too. We’ve been working with, writing about, and studying older entrepreneurs for decades. We know the specific challenges of entrepreneurship for older adults—such as ageism, funding biases, maintaining energy, optimism, and health—as no one else.

We’re also experienced in businesses of all shapes and sizes—and our mastermind teams help people and organizations succeed by taking a pragmatic approach and making sure our entrepreneurs get a 360-degree, feet-on-the-street, MBA-like education.

We created Business Authority to help incubate great ideas, no matter where you are in the business life cycle. We deliver the right resources when you need them, including a hands-on, sounding board and targeted courses and workshops.
With its committed faculty and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, our eCampus becomes your hub for discovery, an accredited learning center, and a community for collaboration problem sloving, and mutual support. We help build your success by offering programs, products, services and a positive environment—all in one, easy-to-access place.

The process of becoming a member of the eCampus community is selective for a reason. We want to ensure a healthy, secure environment where entrepreneurs can connect meaningfully with other business leaders, and be guided effectively toward funding and sustainable economic growth. Our eCampus encourages all of us to pay it forward by sharing knowledge, referrals, wisdom, and experience.

We hope you will become part of Business Authority and grow your business success story.