Want to Breathe Fire Into Your Business?
Business Authority Will Make It Happen
Want to Get Wise?
Business Authority Brings
Wisdom to Business
Want The Right Team?
Business Authority's Got Your Back
Want a
New Career?
Business Authority Opens Possibilities

Want Disruptive Innovation?
Business Authority: NextGen Collaboration and Imagineering for Success

Are You Building Your Business in the We-Economy?
Business Authority, World Connect With Purpose

Let’s Cut to the Chase. Business is changing:

You’ve got to get from “Me” to  “We.”

Forget the myth of the lone business genius. Forget your ego, too. In today’s business, collaboration is king and smart people trade “Me” for “We.” They join the WE-Economy. They join Business Authority.

Business Authority is a secure, trusted, high-touch, network-expanding, collaborative Community. It has a selective membership — with a difference. We’re open only to those with a passion to share, to teach and learn, to network and collaborate — to help others succeed. Business Authority incubates entrepreneurs and business models that are socially responsible, dedicated — even if small — to including all.

“We nurture wizards of socialization and sharing,” says Founder Doug Fitzgerald. “We want people with a purpose. As a community, we’re all about the generation, cultivation and sharing of ideas, products and services which we leverage and disseminate on our robust social platform. Join us and get Business Authority now.”



Want to Learn From Leading Business Experts?

Business Authority is a community that fosters collaboration and co-opetition for targeted local, regional and world markets. Business Authority is a real-time, street-level, market-adaptive learning environment.


“I’m building my business and need real know-how and guidance.”

  • We’ve got a long-term, success-building approach.


Want to Connect With a Community of Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Other Colleagues?

Business Authority brings together a community of dynamic business minds sharing expertise, products and services.


“I want to expand my business network for long-term growth.”

  • We bring like-minded people together in a community to profit, share and serve each other.



Want to Collaborate Instantly, Securely and Effectively?

Business Authority provides tools for secure communication and instant collaboration through videoconferencing, text and mail. Business Authority facilitates mastermind teams and cross-platform conversation.


I’m tired of working alone.”

  • We are a community of business people who share ideas, knowledge, leads and connections. We collaborate for mutual benefit.


Want to focus your business and expand your market?

Business Authority uses its unique S.M.A.R.T. Method for Planning™ and the Plexus™ Platform to help you and your business succeed.

“I don’t need BS. I need to find my target market. I need results.”

  • We filter the noise and cut to the chase. We work with entrepreneurs and business owners of all backgrounds and interests, including For-Profit and Non-Profit organizations in various stages of growth and maturity, to build businesses and execute successful business practices.



  • Want help finding a new career?

  • Want to learn about your strengths and identify your true purpose?

  • Want to explore opportunities?

Business Authority helps identify your strengths and career opportunities using leading business consultants and sophisticated methodologies and tools that provide industry intelligence and professional guidance.

 What You Get

  • Trusted, community-generated expertise, products and services.

  • Secure, business-incubator community that fosters collaboration and co-opetition for targeted business in local, regional and world markets.

  • Access to qualified executives, entrepreneurs and organizations– and opportunities.

  • Real-time, real-world, market-adaptive environment with trial-by-fire experience and MBA-level educational support.


Who We Help

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners of all shapes and sizes, willing to be student and teacher, and commit and contribute to our business community.


  • For-Profit and Non-Profit Organizations in various stages of growth and maturity eager to build and execute successful business plans.


  • Students of all ages, determined to master invention or reinvention